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Youth for You

Welfare and Research Society

Youth for You runs 4 projects as outlined below:

Health Helpage
Providing invaluable support for poor people in the form of free medicine and check ups, clothes, health seminars and workshops.

Research Our Life
Research surrounding many different causes of the social issues in Punjab and the collection of data for current and future projects.

Youth Awareness
Providng guidance for youth, establishing youth libraries, organising discussion on youth aimed at both youth and the wider society. This is particularly important as Punjabi youth are affected by a number of social problems which often stem from high unemployment and a lack of opportunity.

My childhood
This project includes arranging school fees, books and school uniforms for poor children, ensuring that more children have the chance to gain an education. In addition, Youth for You encourages creativity of students by organising ‘fun days’ in schools that are attended to by students of predominantly lower socio economic status.


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