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In the week of 22nd March 2010 the uniforms for all the children of the public primary school in Garhi Baksha (Jalandhar district) were made and distributed. The majority of the children in the school are from migrant families*. By supporting these children and their families, YFY tries to improve the future opportunities of the children and tries to create an atmosphere of acceptance between different ethnical groups within India. Most children have not got proper clothing, so by distributing the uniforms YFY wants to improve their situation. All children of the primary school were present at the distribution day (27th March). Several children performed a song or dance, and speeches were held. The event was also used to discuss the condition of the primary school with the most influential people of the village. No commitments were made, but we are hopeful for the future.

*Many people from poorer states (Bihar, Jharkhand) in India migrate to Punjab for work. In Punjab they most often live in little slums. Child labor is common within these families and these children have almost no opportunities to improve their situation in the future.

Pictures: YFY Facebook
Project: My Childhood 27/03/’10


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